decreasing inventory
2011-05-16 - Biteracing will be selling most of its aircooled porsche parts and 996 cup car parts in preperation for the latest factory offerings expected to be shown in 2012! please see the for sale page and updates will be coming
Porsche Club of America
2010-06-06 - Team Biteracing returns to Portland this coming week to contest the long standing Rose Cup race. The team is always excited and confident to go back to Portland. The team has had much success at this event and we expect to be competitive again. Matt has extensively prepared the GT2 twin turbo and feel this package will be competitive against the latest 2010 GT3 Porsche Cup cars.
2009-06-14 - After leading every lap of the feature race our old nemesis Glen Nixon made a mistake while passing lapped traffic and ultimately crashed into our lead car. There were only one and half laps left in the race and likely we would have won this race. We as a team were very dissapointed.
Pole position Festival Cup
2009-06-13 - On a muggy afternoon the some 50 plus Porsches all battled for some clear track to lay down their best qualifying time. The Biteracing crew found a definite solution to the poor brake pedal response they had in the earlier sessions. In the end we were able to set the fastest lap of the weekend and insure a great starting position. The crew did a great job of turning over the car for each session t... more...
Rose Cup Portland
2009-06-12 - Its that time again where all teams head to Portland Oregon for the annual Rose Cup races. A favourite event for Souliotis and his crew. Today was qualifying for the regional groups and the #56 Porsche gt2 ran reliably all day. A few changes are required for tomorrow including improving the braking system. Matt welcomes our new crew member Simon Bakker. Simon, also from Victoria is doing a gre... more...