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Ready for Rose cup
Ready for Rose cup 2008-04-25 - Our 997 GT2 light will be ready for the anual Portland Rose Cup at the end of May. Matt has been putting the finishing touches on the car and it should be a winner. Driver, Chris Souliotis cannot wait to get behind the wheel of this car featuring the latest parts from Porsche. It will feature 600 HP in a two wheel drive set up. Proven GT 3 cup aerodynamics will ensure the car will have the necess... more...
GT 2 TWIN TURBO 997 2007-08-29 - We have amassed the parts required and we will be assembling what will be arguably the most dangerous turbo based PORSCHE race car ever. This car will be ripping up race tracks around North America starting in 07.
Portland SCCA
Portland SCCA 2005-05-18 - Three day national event in portland oregon. The weather was threatening all weekend long but in the end rain was a factor in the Porsche race. The team struggled with the decision on whether to use the rain tires or slicks. Minutes before the event the track was dry and slicks were definitely the choice but in the end the team with two minutes to go chose rain tires which proved the smart choice! As the pace car came around the final turn it started to pour. Driver Chris Souliotis had the pole position and by turn three was wondering where the rest of the feild were. As it turned out they chose slicks and were so far back that Souliotis managed to lap up to third place, and ulitmately won the race by over a minute. There were a few interesting moments as the electrics in the car were getting wet and a definite miss was present. In the end it was not a factor and it was great to win the second event of the season
FONTANNA, California
FONTANNA, California 2005-03-24 - FONTANNA, California. Despite poor weather conditions in the qualifying race, the outcome was excellent for the number 56 Porsche turbo We discovered a pinched hose immediately before the race and scrambled to fix it. This put us at the back of the pack on the long 3 mile course. Driver, Chris Souliotis had an excellent start and passed half the feild before entering turn 3. "The car was impressiv... more...
INFINEON RACEWAY-SAN FRANCISCO 2004-11-01 - Halloween weekend was spent at the fabled Sears Pt. raceway, one of the two nascar road courses. The weather was absolutely perfect for the weekend with cool clear temperatures resulting in excellent performance from our turbo-charged motor. Although conditions were good, we had to settle for second place. The team did a good job this weekend and we look forward to racing and winning there in the ... more...
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